Second Hand Laptops Under 400 Dollars

Everyone knows that laptops are expensive. However, for the person on a limited there are many options available. Refurbished, new, and secondhand laptops can easily be found if one looks in the right place. Thus, the purpose of this article will be to explore what options are available for an individual desiring to purchase a second hand laptop under 400 dollars:

1. eBay

eBay is usually the first place that individuals look to find anything that is second hand. A cursory look at eBay’s current listings show laptops for sale from $99 all the way to a thousand and more.Thus, there are some bargains that can be available. However, one big disadvantage to eBay is that they sell almost everything, so the buyer will have to wade through a lot of laptop case listings and other things before they find a nice cheap one. The other disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that it will be a good laptop because the consumer is buying it from an individual and not a company.


Amazon has a great deal of refurbished laptops and used laptops available for sale. One example would be a Samsung Chromebook at 11.6 inches that has Wifi capabilities. This listing is for sale at a low price of $249.00 in one example and an even lower price of $185.00 with another version in stock as well. Another listing is a 15.6 Dell Inspiron 15 that is currently being listed at $367.77. This listing also can be procured for $339.00 and $330.00 from individual sellers on Amazon as well. Finally, there is an Asus 15.6 inch laptop. This model is listed from Amazon at higher than $400.00. However, this listing is also being sold from individual sellers for both $399.00 new and $356.39 in a used version.


Used and second hand laptops can easily be had for under $400. All one has to do is keep their eyes open and comparison shop to find the best deals.