Searching for Laptops Under 400 Dollars

Tablet computers seem to be getting all the attention as the device of choice. However, most consumers will require a computer for various reasons. One of the most important is having a keyboard for anyone who is fast at typing. Laptops can be used for multitasking and have power to perform tasks that tablets cannot duplicate. There are many options for laptops under 400 dollars, but a consumer needs to decide based on various specifications.


Many laptops under 400 dollars will have a low-end AMD E series processor or a CPU from Intel. The inclusion of a low-end processor will mean large media tasks and productivity applications will not run very well. However, tasks like web surfing and playing certain games should be fine. Many models for use by college kids now have a dual core or even a quad core processor.


The amount of RAM found in laptops under 400 is typically around 4 GB. If a laptop has less, then the consumer should look for a batter deal. Consumers may be able to find a refurbished model that has up to 6 GB of RAM.

Hard Drive

The typical hard drive for inexpensive laptops will be around 100 GB. However, some models have a hard drive that may be up to 300 GB. The best option is to look for refurbished models or a previous year’s model that has been discounted.


The display for a laptop is the actual size of the screen or the total resolution. Inexpensive laptops often have a resolution that is 1600 x 900. a refurbished model may have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This is a great deal as a higher resolution will make web pages and graphics look better on the screen.

DVD Drive

Optical drives are becoming less common on high-end laptops. This is due to the size of hard drives which will be able to hold hundreds of movies and songs that are downloaded from various online services.