Office and Home Laptops Under 400 Dollars

For 400 dollars, there are a number of laptops from manufactures that are easy to recognize like Toshiba, HP, and Dell. These types of well known manufactures produce laptops under 400 dollars that can provide great, useful office, home, and educational operating service. Owning a laptop that is from a known manufacturer can also make it seem new while examining work and studying at school.
Here are a few examples:

Toshiba Satellite Laptops

The Toshiba Satellite is an excellent laptop to buy for the family; they can be purchased loaded with the featured operating system for that year, like Windows 8 or Windows 7.Toshiba likes to show off Windows 8 currently, and many Windows 8 operating systems have gone to school and work on this premier line of Toshiba brand computers.
For 400 dollars, the buyer can place Windows 8 aboard to run 2010 office and Firefox on. Browser experiences can be enhanced with 8 GB of ram and a 320 GB hard drive. This amount of memory is still great for non illustration rich educational and office oriented software.

Acer Aspire Laptops

The Acer Aspire is new this year with colorful and fun graphics. Place this easy to buy laptops under 400 dollars on any surface in the home to add to decor. Many of these have been bought for office work. Many students will get a great Acer Aspire for under 400 dollars. The display is LCD and can come in 15 inch models. A large 15 inch screen is a sign of great craftsmanship and help accent multitasking while the owner is trying to study, fill in data at work, keep track of money, and much more. This laptop model will stay cool while during complex tasks.
For the home and office, 400 dollars is enough to buy the laptop that you need. Find enough storage space to run Windows 8 and Microsoft Office or run older software. Purchase one today!