Mac vs. Windows Laptops

PC-laptopThe age old Mac versus Windows OS debate is a story within itself.  Mac laptops have consistently been praised for their design and were pioneering in the release of ultra-portable ultra-thin lines of laptops that surpass the standards of most laptop manufacturers. Today PC ultrabook laptops have caught up and are also offering ultra-slim lines of well designed machines, though many would still argue Mabooks provide a better overall experience.

The recent release of Windows 8 has received mixed reviews,  some saying it is pioneering, and others that it lacks sufficient polish. Luckily Windows 7 is still an option at most retailers if you are averse to change and the new version of Windows 8.  Mac OS Mavericks is Apple’s new OS set to be released in September and is also set to introduce some improvments to Mac OS X. An upgrade to Windows 8.1 is also in the pipeline offering improvements – how will Mavericks and a slightly matured Windows 8 pit against each other? Only time will tell.

Macbook-airHardware wise Windows laptop offer more flexibility in terms of upgrades and are compatible with more hardware types whereas Macs are limited to a select base which doesn’t include all of the latest hardware available. Both have their benefits though generally PC laptops will be faster and cheaper than the Mac equivalent. Macbooks win through sheer design excellence, though their price is still daunting when you compare the specs of a laptop PC you could be getting for a lot less.

Both OS’s also offer different applications. Windows has more in depth business applications available by a large margin especially at enterprise level. Most businesses use Windows although design studies and creative spaces tend more towards Macbooks.