Laptop Buying Basics

laptop-introThe following is a laptop buying guide to help you squeeze the most bang from your buck. Even though the rise of the tablet and the smartphone have had an adverse effect on the PC market,  as more users decide to go for tablet PC’s instead of upgrading their current laptops and desktop units, laptops are still in high demand.

Laptops Buying Guide contents:

Their main advantage is that laptops have over newer forms of PC’s are that they are designed as a work unit with a keyboard attached to allow for easy office application. Tablets and smartphones can be instrumental in some work related tasks but don’t have a keyboard or mouse which will inevitably slow work tasks down. While some business tablets do offer an excellent work experience, most simply cannot compare to the productivity of a full blow  laptop PC.

Luckily some heroic individuals have taken the time to  put in the grueling research on what constitutes a great laptop and summarized it nice and succinctly for all to see on this mini-site.

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