Fastest Gaming Laptops Under $1000

gaming-need-for-speed-rivals-3Every serious gamer will tell you there is nothing worse than dropping frames faster than war drones drop bombs in third world countries – unfortunately when you’re on a budget finding a fast gaming laptop under 1000 dollars that meets all of your criteria can take some time.  Although there are always other factors to consider aside from raw speed and processing power, at the end it’s these specs that are going to define whether or not you have a successful gaming laptop on your hands or not, battery life and any other factors aside.

In the hunt for raw speed you will be faced with a number of options such as AMD versus Intel CPU’s, Radeon vs Nvidia graphics chips, and a choice reliable manufacturers that are known for producing high performing laptops with components that all work seamlessly together.  To help you on your way sites such as LaptopNinja offer guides listing the best laptops under 1000 dollars. Although these guides can take more than simply raw speed into account,  they nonetheless offer most of the fastest gaming laptops you can possible find online on a budget.

In terms of your CPU for RAW speed on a budget there is one clear winner – AMD chips, while not as popular as Intel and less well known, are a hell of a lot cheaper and as such you are far more likely to find quad core chip sets that can handle serious processing for games on the fly as opposed to getting a dual core Intel equivalent.  If your laptop also has an AMD manufactured graphics card as well then these components are also more likely to work together to provide the smoothest experience possible.

RAM is generally a no brainer – you will be getting 6 to 8 GB within this price range which should be more than enough for most, though if you are looking to stretch your machine to the limits be sure to check if it has expandable slots available.

Graphics processing for laptops under $1000 dollars is a story within itself, but whichever you choose be sure to do the research first to make sure you aren’t being shortchanged!